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CISV International was pleased to present awards to four outstanding volunteers, who were nominated by their National Associations, Chapters and fellow international members. The winners were announced at our Annual International Meeting in Brazil. You can read a little about each of the winners here, from the people who nominated them.

Heath Puddefoot CISV Australia
Chapter Volunteer of the Year 

Heath Puddefoot of CISV Australia, Victoria Chapter

"Whilst considered an international superstar by many through his involvement in countless camps and trainings, I am nominating Heath Puddefoot for a local award for being a superhero to the CISV Australia Victoria  Chapter. 

Putting his super powers to work to inspire, educate, activate and coordinate, Heath has been saving CISV Victoria one activity at a time. His unrelenting support and commitment  has been demonstrated through organizing minicamps, international camps held locally, recruiting JB members and participants for camps and coordinating JB trainings/activities. Without Heath, I struggle to see how CISV Victoria would function and evolve. 

Through 2012/2013 Heath took a year off from full time employment to develop the Chapter in his parallel role as National Junior Representative, Chapter President and programme coordinator. In 2013, Heath has helped to develop the Geelong minicamps as well as starting up a minicamp in Warragal (a new area of Victoria) that was very successful! His current project has been coordinating an international minicamp between CISV Victoria and a school in China. 

Heath’s passion and commitment is inspiring and most importantly he is a wonderful friend to everyone!"

Joao Sousa Rego CISV Portugal
National Volunteer of the Year Award

João Sousa Rego of CISV Portugal

"Why do we think he should get the award?

  • He has been a member of the National Board for more than a decade and was a strong element on the growth and sustainability process of CISV Portugal
  • He has been an important member in several International Committees including Chair of Research, Development and Training
  • Even though he has an extremely demanding job (he is now working for the government) he always manages to find time to take care of issues of CISV Portugal
  • He has always fought really hard for quality and development in CISV Portugal
  • CISV Portugal is hosting for the first time 2 Villages in the same summer and this is an amazing accomplishment for a single Chapter NA. We will host a Seminar Camp and a Step Up too. João was the main pusher for this to happen. We owe him a lot for our success. 
  • This is his last year as CISV Portugal President and he will be truly missed. But organizations are made of change and he will be well remembered by all!
  • He married a CISVer and they have 2 great CISV babies; he still manages to find time for us!
  • He will not disappear. We will always be able to rely on him when needed. He is an amazing volunteer. 

CISV Portugal would not have been the same without Joao's continuous dedication. We will never forget him and this would be the perfect timing for his effort recognition. The impact of CISV Portugal in the organization is very different and respected in the latest years and a lot had to do with his will and commitment."

Soliman El Ashkar CISV Egypt
International Volunteer of the Year Award

Soliman El Ashkar of CISV Egypt

"I want to nominate Soliman El Ashkar for International Volunteer of the year. He has, not only during the last year, but continually since 2009, been working extremely hard and efficiently for CISV International and International Junior Branch (IJB) in particular. I have had the pleasure to work with him in IJB Team in 2009 and 2010 and even then it amazed me, how much responsibility he'd take on and the sheer number of tasks he was committing to.

During the last year however, he has even increased this. He was part of the Transition Team as its youngest member, while still finishing his term in EJB Team, which from my own experience is enough of a job to fill your spare time. Especially if you are as committed as Soliman. 

How he does all this parallel to finishing university and finding a job and still having time to commit to CISV Egypt in staffing a highly challenging IPP is just great."

(This was just one of many nominations received for Soliman.)

Maria Rosa Veldarez CISV Brazil
Outstanding Contribution Award

Maria Rosa Veldardez of CISV Brazil

"Maria was born in Argentina, where she married and had children, but chose Brazil to live and raise her family. She believes in CISV, which she has promoted widely and with great passion.

A widow, she has brought up four children alone. She has been a CISV volunteer for many years, her children participated in various programmes and now her grandchildren are already participating.

She worked effectively in the creation and strengthening of three of the ten Chapters in Brazil. She also worked for a long time on the National Training Committee and also helped to develop dozens of leaders.

Along with Ione Coco, she created the INTERPLUS National Programme, which works the educational principles of CISV locally. The programme is widely publicized in Brazil and other countries. 

Maria collaborated effectively in the growth and development of CISV Brazil, She is an important leadership, example and inspiration to us all."

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