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CISV International was pleased to present awards to four outstanding volunteers, who had been nominated by their National Associations, Chapters and fellow international members. The winners were announced at our Annual International Meeting in Paris. You can read a little about each of the winners here, from the people who nominated them.

Chapter Volunteer of the Year

Mona Casén, Helsingborg Chapter, CISV Sweden 

Chapter Volunteer of the Year 

“CISV provides the opportunity for youth and adults to meet, develop, become active global citizens and change the world. Behind these beautiful meetings, backstage, there are a lot of practical things that need to be done. 

Mona has for over a decade been the person backstage in CISV Helsingborg. She has assisted the Chapter with knowledge and experience about CISV, coordinated volunteers when the chapter has arranged programmes and made sure that participants, parents and leaders have always been well prepared. 

If someone in the Chapter needs help, she is always there for them, giving her knowledge, time and support. Even after leaving the Board in early 2012, Mona has supported five delegations and coordinated a village. She is the reason these people can take part in CISV. Mona renders possible for others to change the world.
Ellen Fowler thumbnail Volunteer of the year 2012

National Volunteer of the Year 

Ellen Fowler, CISV USA

“Ellen has served as National Treasurer for CISV USA for the last six years. She's kind and radiates calm in high pressure situations, while accommodating the diverse needs and many requests of our large NA. She is proactive, reliable, friendly, patient, respectful of other volunteers' time, and always takes the time to build personal relationships with other people in CISV. 

After doing such a fantastic job for the last six years, CISV USA is of course thinking about the transition to a new treasurer in the fall. Ellen has been mentoring and training a replacement, which demonstrates her foresight and leadership skills and will help the next treasurer to be successful.

Ellen's CISV passion, skill set, dedication, and leadership make her an ideal recipient of the National Volunteer award. We feel very fortunate to have her as a member and a vital part of CISV USA.

Peter Schubert volunteer of the year

International Volunteer of the Year 

Peter Schubert, CISV Germany 

“Peter applied to do a voluntary internship at the International Office in 2011. He worked tirelessly on our Programme Guides, sifting through hundreds of pages to help make them more accessible and user-friendly for our Chapter volunteers. He also became an invaluable member of the web development team, helping us to analyse extensive documentation from developers, asking incisive questions and providing support to staff and volunteers. 

While he was at the International Office, Peter became chair of the German National Mosaic Committee. Somehow by the time he left, he was also joining the International Mosaic Committee and remains an active and busy member.

Not only has Peter made an outstanding contribution to the development of CISV International throughout the last year, he is also great fun to have around. Someone from CISV Germany said that having Peter on a project is like always knowing there is an ‘app’ for whatever you need. He is talented, resourceful, creative and motivated and inspires others to be the same.”

Outstanding Contribution Award 

Jennifer Watson, CISV Great Britain 

“Following in her mother's footsteps, Jennifer has tirelessly dedicated thousands of hours towards the success and development of the organization nationally and internationally.

As National Secretary Jennifer is a font of CISV knowledge and history. She is never missing from a meeting and always has so much wisdom to offer. Recently she has been instrumental in the development of two new Chapters in the UK in addition to her long list of other tasks. CISV Great Britain would be lost without her - she keeps us in shape. The time that she must spend week in week out doing many necessary tasks is impressive.

Jennifer's commitment and hard work internationally has ensured that we fulfil our research priorities. Serving as part of (and chair) of the research committee in many if its guises. Always ready for a challenge, Jennifer recently took up a PhD and moved to London in order to carry on with her important work. It is rare to see a volunteer with such long standing commitment, enthusiasm and drive to move things forward!”

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