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Programme training

Programme training

Interchange training

Target Audience   
The IC Training is for National Interchange Coordinators/Chairs (NICs), Local Interchange Coordinators/Chairs (LICs) and Delegation Coordinators  (DCs), as well as parents interested in working with their local IC committee. If you would like to learn more about how to prepare a successful Interchange programme, join this training.
This training is not a substitute for leader trainings, which needs to be conducted nationally.

Training Content 
You will have the opportunity to learn about general topics of the Interchange Programme such as:

  • Communciation
  • Tasks and roles
  • Matchbox procedures
  • Practicals
  • Forms
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Rules and procedures

The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

National IPP Coordinator training

Target Audience
  • National IPP Coordinators (NIPPCs)
  • Potential/incoming NIPPCs
  • Individuals with the desire to contribute to IPP locally in any way
  • Chapters/NAs with the desire to send IPP participants in the coming years
  • Chapters/NAs with the desire to host an IPP in the coming years

Training Content
  • Administration of the programme: Roles of IPP Committee vs IO vs NA vs NIPPC
  • NIPPCs job description and responsibilities
  • Procedures and forms (hosting and sending)
  • Fundraising and working with partner organizations

Programme Understanding:
  • What an IPP is
  • The educational content of an IPP
  • Experiential learning and the ASK model
  • Goals and indicators
  • Staff and participant responsibilities
  • Visualizing an IPP: simulating the whole process of hosting/sending an IPP
  • How to develop an IPP project and risk managment
  • Selection and training for participants and staff
  • Material for participant training, promoting and managing IPP in your NA

The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

Regional Mosaic training

Target Audience   
  • Anyone interested in becoming a Mosaic Trainer and gain the capabilities to train Mosaic project staff
  • Anyone intending to take an active role within his/her region, NA or Chapter by running Mosaic staff trainings and introductions to Mosaic
  • Anyone with the desire to contribute to the development of the Mosaic programme by being involved in projects in his/her own region, NA or chapter

Training Content

The goal of the training is to create new Mosaic trainers capable of co-ordinating Mosaic Projects and train Mosaic staff in their own NA or region. The expected outcome is to have participants gaining knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  • The ability to plan, run and evaluate a first time visit or return visit
  • The ability to apply Mosaic training tools
  • The ability to support Mosaic staff in the planning phase of eventual Mosaic projects emerging in trainings.

  • Programme characteristics
  • Mosaic overall training system
  • IMC work methodology
  • Overall program administration
  • Available Mosaic resources
  • Project management

  • Desire to playing an active role for the programme growth and implementation
  • Desire to be actively involved in the development of the Programme
  • Desire to establish a continuous communication with IMC


The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

Seminar Camp Staff Training

Target Audience 
People who will be or have applied to be Staff on Seminar Camps. It is recommended that Programme Directors attend training as well.

Training Content
 The workshop will cover the following:

  • What a Seminar Camp is
  • The educational content of the Seminar Camp
  • Educational approach of CISV (experiential learning, content areas, etc.)
  • Goals and Indicators
  • Evaluation: PDPEF
  • Participant age group
  • Pre and Post Camp Days
  • Facilitation and leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Activity planning
  • Like-Minded Organizations (LMO)/Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)
  • Camp events
  • Staff Responsibilities and Teamwork
  • Risk management

The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

Step Up training

Target Audience 
The primary audience are National or Local Step Up Trainers and National Step Up Committee Chairs
The workshop will also benefit Step Up Staff and Leaders, Step Up Coordinators and anyone interested in Summer Camps

Training Content
The workshop will focus on content specific to the Step Up programme, highlighting core educational areas and practical details  from the International Step Up Guide, such as:

  • What is a Step Up?
  • Step Up Goals
  • Camp Theme Development
  • Facilitation
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Age Characteristics (14-15)
  • Activity Planning
  • Risk Management specific to the Step Up programme
  • The Leader's Planning Weekend

There will also be an opportunity to review and discuss a lot of practical matters and topics in an informal manner.  By the end of the workshop, national summer camp trainers or national committee chairs will be able to train the leaders and staff locally within their own chapters.  Any leaders or staff who attend will be well prepared for their upcoming Step Up.

The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

Village training

Target Audience 
The Village Training Workshop is intended for people providing Village training on local level or who will take a role in the Village in any leadership role (Camp Director, Staff, International Staff, National Trainer, Leader and National Village Coordinator)

Training Content
The workshop will give the participants tools for providing important training for all Village participants and give them a wider look on the Village Programme. All aspects of the Village Programme from logistics through planning and education will be covered, including:

  • understanding CISV and Village goals.
  • Teamwork.
  • The role of leaders, JC, Kids, and all participants in Village
  • Conflict Resolution/problem solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Trouble Shooting for Village
  • PDPEF training
  • Ongoing Evaluation

The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

Youth meeting training

Target Audience  

  • National Youth Meeting coordinators
  • National leadership trainers
  • Potential Youth Meeting Staff and Leaders
  • Potential Youth Meeting Participants
  • People interested in working with the Youth Meeting Committee
  • People interested in promoting the Youth Meeting Programme locally

Training Content
The Youth Meeting training will address the following topics:

  • The educational theme as the backbone of the Youth Meeting Programme
  • Assuring educational goals related to the length of Youth Meetings
  • Specific characteristics of the Youth Meeting Programme, its similarities and differences in comparison to other CISV Programmes
  • Youth Meeting goals in accordance with CISV’s Educational Principles, and how they relate to the goals of other CISV Programmes.
  • How to host a Youth Meeting - before, during and after
  • How to train your leaders, staff and participants
  • Training tools and evaluation - key elements for quality assurance

The Regional Delivery Teams for Educational Programmes

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