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Organizational training

Chapter Development

Target Audience

This training is targeted at all Chapter members interested in gaining the attitudes, skills and knowledge to take an active role in developing their Chapter.  Although anyone is welcome to join no matter what experience they have in CISV, this training will be most beneficial to people who are new to Chapter and NA Boards and will provide them with an overview of CISV International, key roles and responsibilities in a Board at both levels (NA and Chapter), and tools to implement back in their home Chapter.

Training Content

Chapter Development Training provides an introduction to running and developing a NA or Chapter.  Not only will you gather lots of useful knowledge, you will also acquire skills and tools that are helpful for your daily chapter and NA work in all aspects. Plus, there will be room to discuss best practice so remember to bring some ideas to share with others.

We will cover:

  • CISV International’s Mission, Vision, and Growth Policy, and what this means for your local NA or Chapter
  • NA/Chapter structures (single-Chapter Vs multi-Chapter)
  • Roles and responsibilities of the NA/Chapter Board (role profiles/job description)
  • NA/Chapter planning (financial, hosting and sending, project management)
  • Volunteer recruiting, training and retention
  • Junior Branch essentials
  • Profile raising (communication tools, publicity, partnership working)
  • Risk Management (importance of and basic introduction to; there is an in-depth Risk Management training which would cover all aspects)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Experience sharing


Chapter Development Regional Delivery Teams with support from Junior Branch members.

Essentials of Peace Education

Target Audience: Adult Chapter Board and Committee volunteers and JB Board members. Ideal for volunteers new to CISV or who have not attended any type of programme training, and are active in their Chapter.

Training Content:
It’s not just fun and games! Learn how CISV delivers on its mission as an educational organization. This informative and interactive training is valuable for both new and experienced volunteers to learn the “how and why” of what we do to educate and inspire our youth for a more just and peaceful world!

 In the training, participants will:

  • Understand peace education more clearly and completely.
  • Understand CISV’s educational purpose and content behind our programmes.
  • Become familiar with the tools and concepts we use to plan and deliver educational content in our programmes.
  • Learn how to use these tools to strengthen your chapter.
  • Share ideas with other CISV volunteers and learn from one another.

After completing the EPE training, participants will be able to:

  • Be more confident in your role as a CISV volunteer.
  • Talk about CISV to others with more knowledge and confidence.
  • Understand how experiential learning and peace educational content is applied in our programmes.
  • Use CISV educational tools to plan and evaluate activities within your chapter.
  • Plan and deliver trainings and activities in your Chapter more effectively


The Regional Delivery Teams for Training and Quality Assurance

Risk Manager

Target Audience: National and Chapter Risk Managers

Training Content: Through experiential learning and scenarios and hands-on application of knowledge, you will acquire the skills and information you need to be an effective Risk Manager for CISV. You’ll also meet other Risk Managers and build your peer to peer support network.

We’ll cover:

  • Your responsibilities as Risk Manager
  • Your role during programmes and in your Chapter/National Association
  • Working with other NAs and your Regional Risk Manager
  • Identifying and prioritising risk
  • Responding to incidents
  • Enforcing CISV rules
  • Responding to parents and participants 
  • Leader/Staff selection and evaluation
  • Insurance
  • CISV forms and documents
  • Social Media guidelines
  • CISV’s Child Protection Policy
  • Responding in a crisis
  • Where to go for resources and support


Upon completion of this course you will be Risk-Management certified. 

This accreditation is required for all Risk Managers and is valid for THREE years.

The Regional Delivery Teams for Training and Quality Assurance

Training the Trainers (TTT)

Target Audience
The CISV TTT course is intended for anyone in CISV with a mandate for training. It is based on training methodologies and general CISV educational principles, and not program specific material.
No matter who the target group is for your training practices, the TTT course will provide the tools needed to enhance your planning, facilitation, and evaluation skills. Local Chapters and National Associations are encouraged to send their members who have training responsibilities.

Training Content
CISV’s Train The Trainer (TTT) is an intensive 4-day course designed to enhance and unify organizational wide training practices. The TTT course focuses on both training methodology as well as ways to better understand and utilise CISV’s educational methods. The course is a dynamic, hands-on experience that includes a practicum in which participants plan, facilitate, and evaluate a training session. Each participant who completes the course will receive a training certificate, valid for three years.

  • Creating a postive learning environment
  • Self-awareness and personal development
  • Group development and group dynamics
  • Collaboration in training teams and beyond
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Peace education and active global citizenship
  • CISV educational approach
  • Designing a training session
  • Approaches to delivering training
  • Preparation and facilitation for training practice
  • CISV international: the big picture
  • Self-evaluation and action planning

The Regional Delivery Teams for Training and Quality Assurance

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