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Common sessions

Common sessions

2016 Common Session: Get to know your region | 2016 Sustainable Development | News item | CISV animated film

Target Audience
Everyone attending the Regional Training Forum.

Part 1: Get to know your region
A short getting-to-know each other activity to learn a little about the other participants at the RTF, which Chapters are represented, and which participants hold roles in CISV International such as Regional Coordinator or Regional Delivery Team member.

Part 2: 2016 Sustainable Development
This activity will introduce the idea of Sustainable Development, how it fits into CISV’s peace education, and what you can expect from the Sustainable Development team throughout 2016.

Part 3: News item
A short update on the Junior Branch review.

Part 4: The new CISV animated film
We are launching the new CISV animated film. You will be among the first ones to see the film and there will be discussion of how the film can be used to raise the profile of CISV.

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