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Promotional Associations

CISV International has a dedicated support system for its new, Promotional Associations.

The Guide for CISV Promotional Associations gives you all the information you need when you are starting up as a new member association of CISV International.

Promotional Association Guide

A Promoter is someone who takes responsibility for supporting and helping a Promotional Association.

A 'Buddy' is a group of people from a specific Chapter or National Association who help and support a Promotional Association in their growth process, providing manpower assistance and, in some cases, financial help.

Promoters and Buddies

  • are the prime international contact to the Promotional Association
  • give support, coordinate, and act as facilitator for local people in the Promotional Association
  • establish long lasting friendships
  • help the Promotional Association in their growth processes
  • guide the Promotional Association on their way to become a full member of CISV International

The Promoter/Buddy works closely with your Regional Coordinator.

For more information about Promoters and Buddies: 

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