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Looking Good

Front cover of Looking Good guide
To help us maintain our corporate vision when we are communicating we have put together guidelines and rules for communicating CISV visually. To help us stand out and to make us easily identifiable we need a clear, visual identity. By following these guidelines we are helping to build a strong consistent image of CISV; one that will be familiar anywhere in the world. The following are quick links to resources that will help you.

If you have any questions about communicating CISV, please contact our Communications Team

Looking Good
Looking Good: CISV Brand Guidelines -  An easy-to-read guide with lots of useful advice. Looking Good should be read together with Just Saying, our guide to communicating CISV in words.


NA logos

Find your NA logo

Programme logos

Use the programme logo in the same layouts as the CISV logo, but do not place them side by side. It creates a visual overload.

Download your programme logo:

Youth Meeting
Step Up
Seminar Camp

how to use programme logos img 1
How to apply programme logo to t shirts
Programme logos can be easily used on merchandise. Just follow the same guideline: keep the CISV logo and the programme logo separate. The programme logos go great in photos - but make sure to use photos that have large amounts of light space like the examples below - so the logo is fully visible. The logo will get lost in photos that are too busy.
How to use the Programme logo with photos
Programme logo used in dark images
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