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Best practices

Welcome to our best practice collection! For now it is still quite small, but with your help we hope that this will soon grow into a big database of good ideas, tips and best practices that can be shared with CISVers worldwide. The idea is, if something worked for you - perhaps it can work for others as well. Or, if you are looking for ideas and inspiration, this could be a good place to start.

So if you know of a good idea that worked in your Chapter or NA and you are willing to share it with others please send it to best.practice@cisv.org. It can be something you have done or it may be something you have seen or experienced somewhere else. Or if you know of a variation on a best practice that is already on in this collection, send us that as well.

Best practice examples

Bakery Donations
Board Meeting Observers
Buddy Chapters
CISV Membership Card
Co-hosting Programmes
Combining Open Days
Fidelity Point System For CISV Leaders
Intercultural Festivals
Involving Parents by Hosting an Interchange
Junior Branch Buddy
Monthly Dinners
National Board Meetings in Chapters
Sending a Delegation = a Small Fundraising & Profile Raising Event
Social Events = Building Community
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