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In 2012, São Paulo Chapter launched a new website (www.cisv-sp.org.br) and since then all applications for membership and programme participation have to be done online via the official website. Families who were registered and paid their annual membership fee were surprised to receive a CISV São Paulo Membership Card this year. It looks like a plastic credit card, was totally financed by a sponsor and was distributed for free to all registered family members (not just the participants but the whole family). Besides helping to identify who has paid the fees, it has also contributed in many different ways: It gave participants and their family members a strong sense of “belonging to the association”. Usually parents imagine that only their children are the members and asked us why they also received it. The answer was that for CISV they are also members and we expect to count on their active participation and support. The CISV membership card also gives participants discounts in specific local activities such as 50% off on CINE CISV tickets. Each year we have a new card issued with a different layout, so that CISVers can start a collection of their own CISV cards. Usually CISVe
Paulo de Castro Reis (CISV São Paulo, Brazil)
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