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Fidelity Point System For CISV Leaders
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In order to better support and increase leaders’ participation in our local activities, CISV São Paulo has created a Fidelity Point System for CISV Leaders. We have ranked and established a specific number of points for every programme or activity (e.g.: Village Programme Director= 3000, Village Staff= 2000, Village/Step Up Leader= 800 , Interchange Leader= 1500 , Minicamp= 150 , JB activity= 50). The points accumulated can be exchanged for the annual fee, or activity participation fees,, etc. The more they participate, the cheaper it gets, and after a while, depending on their participation, everything will be free of charge for them and they will participate even more! More than 80 leaders from our Chapter have already benefited from this point system.
Paulo de Castro Reis (CISV São Paulo, Brazil)
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