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Participating in a Seminar Camp

On this page you will find all the documents you need when you are participating in a Seminar Camp.

General  Information

You will find this useful before, during and after a Seminar Camp:

Rules and Guides

If you are a parent, you might also be interested in child safety and protection

Before a Seminar Camp


You will need to complete these forms before a Seminar Camp:

You will also need to go to myCISV and claim participation in your Seminar Camp.


You (or your NA trainer) may find the following useful:

During a Seminar Camp


As of the 2016 programme year, all participants (including staff and leaders) in international programmes are covered by the CISV Travel Insurance. You can find all the information you need and related links at this page:

When you are planning activities you will find these documents and resources useful:

After a Seminar Camp

Why not use myCISV to keep in touch and share photos?   Or we would love it if you share a Seminar Camp Story, or could add to the myCISV Photo Library!

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