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What is the purpose of education?

What is the Purpose of Education?

Per Olsson was the chair of the International Mosaic Committee. He lives in Stockholm where he advocates for progressive policy around youth issues and wears stylish cardigans. Per is currently running in Stockholm's municipal election.

The top-ten in demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004. This means that schools today are today preparing young people for jobs that dont yet exists. One could ask, how this is possible?

The ability to process knowledge and knowing how to learn combined with the research and analytical skills needed to face the future will not come only from what we do in classrooms. Schools and formal education need help from civil society organisations and non-formal education to prepare people for future employment, entreprenurship and leadership. Reasoning with others, decision-making, problem solving and the so important ability to bounce back from failure is often learned and practised outside of the classroom.

Education is however, not needed only to prepare us for future jobs and inventions. The world is also in desperate need of more people willing to cross more borders, tear down more walls and overcome barriers that exist between people and and nations of our world.

Education is central to giving children, youth and adults the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and acquire better health, better living standards and safer, more sustainable environments.

The CISV Mosaic programme is a non-formal eductional programme targeting local communities worldwide. Through participating we give children and youth motivation, desires, attitudes and the instinctive ability to take action for a more just and peaceful world, starting from where the stand right now.

We see participants act as the world was but one country and as if all people were but one family. The skills developed through our programmes are the same skills needed in an ever-changing world. No matter if you are to become a well-appriciated co-worker, a reasearcher and inventor, a decsion maker or an executive of some kind you will need to excellent at building relations, getting things done and taking initiative and communicate.

If you are a volunteer in a Mosaic project anywhere in the world. Be proud! We are not just creating change for the individual participating today, we are building a new world for tomorrow.

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