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Getting inspired online: Some suggestions from a committee member

Getting Inspired Online: Some Suggestions from a Committee Member

Federico Bertolani (known as Ico) is the incoming chair of the International Mosaic Committee. We asked Ico to share some of his favourite inspirational resources. Here is what Ico had to suggest. 

The Story of Stuff

If you're looking for some inspiration around the theme of sustainable development this is the right piece for you. The Story of Stuff project is the result of a collaboration between several NGOs engaged in Sustainability who want to demonstrate, in a very easy and effective way, how the current linear system of production maintains the current consumption rate without thinking about the impact on the future. In other words: the way we consume is not sustainable. There are many actions we can take as individuals to change these vicious cycles and turn them into virtuous ones.

Think Different

If you do believe that changing the world is a crazy mission for you, CISV and Mosaic, then you're in good company. "Only individuals that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do". Watch the Think Different video on You Tube

Pay it Forward the movie

Our mission in CISV is to provide individuals the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to become agents of change in their local communities. This is also the core of the Mosaic Programme. This movie is bulit around the words possible, big ideas, change and pay it forward. Concepts we also believe to be fundamental pillars of our programme.

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