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Inspiration from around the world for a more just and peaceful world.
  • Road to integration mosaic story asset A Road to integrationUsually in CISV when we think about words like integration and differences we immediately focus on culture. But CISV Madrid has been working for five years now on a very different integration problem... Watch the video to find out more and get inspired for your next Mosaic project! 15/03/2012 2:28pm
  • Being a Project Coordinator: What an Inspiring Experience! Being a project coordinator: what an inspiring experience!People Profiles: My name is Elisa and in 2008/2009 I was senior National Junior Representative of the Italian Junior Branch. I really wanted the JB to work on an interesting, concrete and actual theme and I thought that a Mosaic Project would be the best way to do it. So I gathered a bunch of interested JBers and we gave birth to a Mosaic Project about Human Rights. 14/03/2012 1:06pm
  • Being young mosaic story asset Being young and making an impact"When she was 17, Natalie Warne learned about the Invisible Children Project -- a campaign to rescue Ugandan children from Joseph Kony's child armies..." 15/03/2012 4:00pm
  • Ben about mosaic story asset Ben about MosaicSome people might wonder why they should be a part of a Mosaic project. It's easy for someone who has experienced a Mosaic to know why it was worth spending all that time, giving a lot of energy and of course putting a lot of heart into it. 14/03/2012 2:11pm
  • Mosaic Slider Books and Films That Inspire Active Global CitizenshipInspiration. Some weeks ago we asked our friends on Facebook to share with us suggestions of books and films that inspire active global citizenship and creative community collaborations. Thanks to the kind contribution of Linnea, Babsi, Monica and Gail we have come up with this incredibly inspiring list of resources that are really worth reading and watching. We hope that they will inspire all of us to take initiative in our communities and become agents of change! 14/03/2012 1:54pm
  • Canadian Juniors Walking The Talk Canadian juniors walking the talkVictoria: What about giving Juniors the chance to practice in their local community all the things they learned in their summer programmes? This is exactly what happened thanks to the Mosaic project that took place in Victoria, Canada. The Juniors organized a so called “Photo Exhibit”, a combination of photos and films. They partnered with several other organizations in Victoria that are involved in international and intercultural youth programmes. They invited those youth programmes to share their photos a 14/03/2012 1:38pm
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