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Inspiration from around the world for a more just and peaceful world.
  • seeding culture mosaic story asset Seeding Culture in CampinasCampinas: The first Mosaic project in Campinas, Seeding Culture, was a joint project of the Campinas chapter and NAS (Social Support Group). NAS is located in a poor neighborhood of Campinas and helps not only children but their families as well. They have a library with some books for older kids, but just a few books for children. 14/03/2012 1:51pm
  • Sexual Healing, A Project Story Sexual Healing, a project storyBÅSTAD-BJÄRE: It all started as a thought, a thought about why the society is as it is and how I and everyone around me is being a part of it. The next step was the thought about norms in the society and especially norms around relationships, sex, sexuality and gender identity. It became a Mosaic project named, Sexual Healing. 14/03/2012 2:44pm
  • German success story mosaic asset Success story of a German Mosaic project"Die Welt bei uns in Lörrach" - "The world with us in Lörrach" has not only been the first but also the most successful Mosaic project in Germany so far. 15/03/2012 3:56pm
  • TED brain trust mosaic story asset TED-ED Brain Trust"Every minute, three hundred new learners are born into this world. How can TED play a role in enriching the education of these individuals? How can TED enrich the education of the billions of learners around the globe? We need your help to answer these questions. In a few weeks, TED will be launching an online forum. We're calling it the TED-ED Brain Trust. We're seeking the expertise of visionary educators, students, organizations, filmmakers & other creative professionals to guide, galvanize & ultimat 14/03/2012 3:31pm
  • The added value of chocolate socks & balloons header The added value of chocolate, socks & balloonsCan we ever solve the problems of pollution, traffic and lack of community awareness through the use of chocolates, socks and balloons? At a recent local mosaic training in Cairo, participants found that with a little bit of creativity each of these objects, seemingly disconnected from larger issues, can in fact be fashioned into vehicles of change. 09/04/2013 10:17am
  • independant project mosaic story asset The Independent ProjectCheck out The Independent Project's video. It will be 15 minutes you won't regret. 15/03/2012 2:25pm
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