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Mosaic tools

Mosaic believes in creating useful tools to help great projects.

The Mosaic Worksheet is the main tool that guides all projects. It provides an outline of the Mosaic framework project staff use to define their goals, articulate the project and consolidate the project's details. The same form is used to evaluate and report on the project following its completion. People sometimes find the form complicated at first, but there are many training resources available to help project staff use it effectively.

There is a wide range of tools and resources.

The International Mosaic Committee (IMC) is a volunteer group that works year-round to coordinate the global Mosaic network and support individual projects. They also develop training resources to help make projects easier and more meaningful. These resources include workshop templates, presentations, guides, promotional materials and this website. Many of these resources are available here. 

Every project gets a dedicated support person.

The IMC believes in providing as much support to projects as possible. For this reason, the group ensures that every single project has a dedicated support person, who works with the project staff as a mentor. Usually communicating by e-mail and skype, the support person provides creative input, advice and feedback throughout the project process. This way, even people with little project experience can run a Mosaic project. 

Mosaic has a magazine

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