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What is Mosaic?

Mosaic believes in building communities through education.

Global learning starts with local experiences. Mosaic is a unique model for community-based peace education. It gives people the tools to identify the needs in their communities and helps them plan projects that respond in meaningful ways. Mosaic projects come in many shapes and sizes, but they all involve innovative learning and local impact.

It's a unique and flexible framework.

Mosaic is a project-based programme. It has specific goals and a set of tools and guidelines that help people design and implement quality peace education while also having a positive impact. Every Mosaic project in the world uses the same framework, but each one does it in a different way. For instance, every project sets goals in the three areas of attitudes, skills and knowledge, but each project will have a different set of these.

Here's an example of a Mosaic project:

In 2009, a group of citizens in Bogota, Colombia recognized a disconnect between their urban community and rural communities in their country. They wanted to explore the differences in the ways these communities had been affected by Colombia's ongoing civil conflict. In partnership with the School for Community Justice at the National University, they planned a project that brought together young people from the city with a rural community in eastern Colombia. Together with staff from the partner organization, the participants from the city and the rural community engaged in activities and workshops around the theme of community justice. They shared experiences, learned from each other and developed skills in conflict management. Read more about the project >>

Here you find stories of Mosaic projects that took place during the last years.

Mosaic Projects take place around the world. All year round.

Mosaic is a Programme of CISV International. CISV's mission is to educate and inspire for a more just and peaceful world. It has chapters in over 200 cities worldwide and it is these chapters that plan and run Mosaic projects based on their interests and resources. 

What are Mosaic's goals?

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