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Hosting a Mosaic Project : the Mosaic Cycle

Before a Mosaic Project

(Where the planning phase has not started for your Mosaic)

01 June

01 September

  • The International Office makes the Mosaic List and Mosaic Hosting Plan available to National Associations.
  • International Office sends summary list of planned projects to each NA (‘Round 1’)

Start of each month

  • International Office sends a reminder to any National Associations who have indicated they may plan a project that month.

If your National Association or Chapter does not have a project included on the Mosaic List, you can still plan a Mosaic by following the remaining phases of the Mosaic cycle.

During a Mosaic Project

(Where you are ready to start the planning phase of your project)

If a Chapter/project coordinator does need support from a Regional Mosaic Expert

15th of any month

  • Contact mosaic.request@cisv.org. Include brief comments and ideas about the project. This will help us match you with a suitable Regional Team Mosaic Expert.

1st of the following month

  • The International Office will provide a reference number for your Mosaic project.
  • You will have been assigned a Regional Team Mosaic Expert to support you and you can start planning your Mosaic. 
  • You can spend up to 3 months working with your Expert.  

Before the project is due to start

  • With the support of your Regional Mosaic, submit your completed Worksheet for approval. 
  • The International Office will send you a formal notice of Approval.

If a Chapter/project coordinator does not need support from a Regional Mosaic Expert


  • Work with your Local Mosaic Expert to plan a Mosaic

At least 1 month before the project is due to start

  • Submit a completed Worksheet to mosaic.request@cisv.org
  • The International Office will provide a programme reference number for your planned Mosaic project.
  • A Regional Team Mosaic Expert will review the Worksheet. They may contact you for clarifications about the project content during this time then make a recommendation to the International Office.
  • The International Office will contact you to confirm whether you project can be considered Mosaic.

Where a Worksheet is submitted after the start of a project, it can not be considered to be a Mosaic project.

After a Mosaic Project

(Where your Mosaic project has now finished)

Within 2 weeks of the end of the end of the project. 

  • Submit a completed Mosaic Report to the International Office, using the report section of your Worksheet.
  • Late reports may be subject to a sanction procedure.

If your project end date is revised after being approved, please advise the International Office of any changes before the original end date.

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