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Brazil (July / August 2017)

(In)visible : raising awareness of homelessness

Participants in this IPP, together with the homeless population of  ‘Casa da Cidadania’, will produce videos and books telling the life stories of these individuals.  This exchange of experiences will be used as a strategy to increase the self-esteem of members of this vulnerable community. 

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Czech Republic (July 2017)

Inclusive Communities : understanding age and disability.

Participants in this IPP will create a programme of cultural activities for patients with mobility problems.  Working with residents with Multiple Sclerosis, participants will be able to explore the experience of discrimination and cultural perspectives on age and disability. 

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Guatemala (December 2017 / January 2018)

Living Healthy: Exploring health and nutrition in a sustainable context

Participants in this IPP will support local families interested in discovering new, healthy and sustainable ways of eating in order to improve their quality of life.  Participants will learn how to make hydroponic gardens, and harvest and cook native seeds in order to get maximum nutritional value. 

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Indonesia (July 2017)

Cultural footprints: documenting and preserving the heritage of the Bali Aga

Whilst staying in the village of the people of Tenganan Pegringsingan – also known as the Bali Aga, the original Balinese – participants will explore the impact of globalization on small, traditional communities and attempt to develop ways and ideas of how to cope with the changes of our increasingly evolving and connected world. 

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Italy (August 2017)

Free Fields: A focus on equality and democracy.

Participants in this IPP will explore the ways corruption poses a threat to democracy and promotes an unequal society.  Whilst working on a farm that has been confiscated from a mafia family and restored to public use, participants will learn about how the modern white collar mafia works and their place in a global network that is far from the old stereotype of the Italian godfather.  

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Lebanon (July 2017)

On The Move: understanding migrant and refugee issues

By engaging with migrant domestic workers and as well as Syrian and Palestinian refugees, participants will learn about the struggle they face from living conditions, discrimination, work environment and racism. Participants in this IPP will assist the partner organization in planning activities to help develop coping mechanisms and a skill set that supports the integration into society of migrants and refugees. 

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Mexico (July 2017)

Human spaces: rehabilitating public spaces through community collaboration

By listening to the wishes and needs of the local community, participants will help rehabilitate a public space, transforming it into a “human space”.  Whilst learning about the importance of the conservation and appropriation of public spaces, participants will have the opportunity to better understand the diversity and culture of Mexico, through engaging with local communities in a meaningful way. 

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Portugal (July / August 2017)

Back to Action: integration of local communities through employment

Participants will help provide training and motivation, to empower a group of people marginalised by unemployment or lack of qualifications, to integrate back into society. They will also work with the children of this group to promote their sense of community and their ability to act within it. Participants will be able to explore different ways of training directly into society, learning from the partner whilst also sharing from their personal experiences and backgrounds. 

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