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Freedom from all forms of the Mafia

Where and when

Genova, Italy. 10 August to 23 August 2015

Theme description

Understanding the scale of corruption of the modern mafia, while working on a farm confiscated from the mafia.

Project description

The project focuses on how mafia and corruption are a menace to the authority of the institutions, how they ‘pollute’ and distort the economic world, steal resources from the community, and even ‘pollute’ the democratic process. Partner Organization Libera (Association Against All Mafias) will prepare activities on the different Italian mafias and explain how they are now a global network, far from the old stereotype of the Italian godfather. Today the mafia is an economic power with interests not only in drugs, human trafficking, and illegal games but is well rooted in the economic ‘normal’ world by cleaning large quantities of dirty money in the legal economy, thus distorting equal competition.

Since 1982, with the approval of the Law Rognoni-La Torre, the Italian State approved and enforced a law to confiscate the properties of the Mafiosi and to give them back to the local communities, by entrusting the properties to cooperatives able to work the land and to restore the properties to public use. We will work on a farm confiscated to a mafia family in the North of Italy, working with animals, making honey and cultivating the biological orchard.

Participant profile

Open-minded, curious, interested in the phenomenon of the mafias and how the mafias constitute a parallel world far away from the stereotypes of movies and books.

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