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Citizenship and participation : understanding identity, breaking prejudices and community building

Where and when

Lisbon, Portugal. 10 July to 28 July 2014

Theme description

This IPP will explore the themes of citizenship, social responsibility and participation. Through working with the partner organization participants will delve into these themes and learn about their role within the local community of Chelas, whilst bringing with them the knowledge on these themes from participants home countries. A key discussion point will be how citizens in participants home
countries have tackled key social issues.

Project description

Throughout this IPP participants will work alongside the Centro de Informação Juvenil,(CIJ) a section of Centro Social Paroquial São Maximiliano Kolbe, that works with about 40 youth from 11 to 17 years old. Based in Chelas, CIJ work with the youth to identify concerns and needs in their communities, and for themselves to act as agents of change. Within this context, our intent is to give the youth the chance to interact with other cultures, broadening their horizons, as well as to stimulate curiosity and responsibility towards their own community, empowering them to make changes. It will be key to provide skills such as how to plan and manage projects, as well to make these projects take place. Other focuses will be cooperation, teamwork as well as leadership. We’ll explore the cultures present in Chelas, the needs, the interest and the concerns of the community. This should be achieved both through the youth perspective of their community, as well as having key speakers, newspapers, etc. Considering this ateliers will be created and dynamics that will involve arts (movies, photography, dance, fashion), reflection dynamics and so on, to provide the youth the chance to reflect, explore and potentially create solutions for the concerns they have identified.

Participant profile

Participants on this IPP should be good at interacting with people and very flexible. They should be cultural sensitive and willing to try and learn with new experiences. They should have an interest in working with disadvantaged youth within a diverse environment. It is important that they have a respect for safety rules.

How to take part
Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2014-008, Portugal.
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