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Overcoming boundaries : understanding identity, breaking prejudices and community building

Where and when

Hosted by CISV Japan in Yangon, Myanmar, 21 December 2014 to 03 January 2015

Theme description

This IPP will explore the themes of prejudice, stereotypes,community-building and diversity; both within Myanmar and the participants home countries. The role of education (formal and non-formal) in the process of building an inclusive community will be a further key theme for this IPP especially looking at how education interacts with the overall themes of this IPP.

Project description

This IPP is hosted by CISV Japan, cooperating with CISV Myanmar. Participants will learn about Myanmar’s history, political and economical situation. Especially, about cultural diversity in Myanmar, the interaction between different ethnic groups and tribes. Participants will think and discuss about the theme.

The project will work with Khayay Preschool Development Center (KPDC), a non-profit pre-school educating children from all backgrounds, with a core curriculum based on emotional, social, linguistic, cognitive and physical development. IPP participants will work hand-in-hand with KPDC teachers in order to exchange best practices, share leadership skills and ensure proper guidance in order to work with Burmese children. Through activities planned and run by participants this IPP will give the children an opportunity to interact with the IPPers and overcome prejudices, stereotypes and contribute to community building.

Participant profile

This IPP welcomes participants interested in getting to know Myanmar and its particular cultural context. Participants should be open minded and enjoy working and playing with children with diverse backgrounds. Experience with children, childhood education, experience in community development or empowering local communities are desirable. Participants should be sensitive to cultural differences and willing to explore different ways of communication. The ability to speak Japanese or Burmese is an asset but not a requirement.

Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2014-006, Japan in Myanmar.
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