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Peace building: understanding inter-cultural education and empowerment

Where and when

Cologne, Germany: 19 July to 09 August 2014

Theme description

This IPP will focus on education and human rights. Throughout this IPP participants will have the opportunity to learn about the education system during the totalitarian era in Germany, and how the IPP site fits into it. Working with the German Red Cross museum participants will learn about a wider history of human rights and spend time reflecting on their own national experiences of education, and put this into context of the CISV peace education.

Project description

Participants will start with the renovation of a Nazi-barrack at Vogelsang IP, Germany, with the aim of converting one of the ten barracks into a Peace Hostel that is planned to be used as a training camp for human rights education. The 100 hectare Vogelsang complex was built by the Nazi Party in 1934 to train party officials as the new German elite. Following World War II it was used as a military training ground for the British and Belgian army until 2005. Today, Vogelsang IP is an international place of active remembrance focusing on the question: “What has Vogelsang (still) got to do with me now?”. Vogelsang IP will act as the partner organization and support the practical part of the project (building materials and technical supervision).

Participant profile

Participants should be open-minded people, interested in history and youth education. No specific skills or careers required but should be willing to work hands-on on a construction site (manual labour and dirty hands). A diverse group - participants of different cultures, ages, religions and political backgrounds (e.g. coming from or having grown up in a totalitarian political system) – would be of value to the team. Heterogeneity brings about opportunities to share, learn and grow from the others and gain understanding.

How to take part

Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2014-005, Germany.

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