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Think green : understanding environmental sustainability in a developing context

Where and when

Grand-Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire. 10 August to 31 August 2014

Theme description

The town of Grand-Bassam is stagnating under the weight of garbage due to problems with waste removal. The situation is complicated by the popular demands. In the attempt to address this difficult task, we can certainly learn from our past, when our ancestors linked in harmony with nature. With uncontrolled population growth and poverty, paralyzing the city, Grand Bassam has no choice but to take the path of sustainable environmental development. In this project, environmental education will be the focus, with a particular emphasis on the different types of pollution and issues such as waste, noise and sanitation. IPPers will share experiences from their lives and countries on dealing with this issue.

Project description
This IPP will work with the City of Grand Bassam, to promote community development through different actions. The IPP will provide a forum for environment education and bring the topic to the attention of the local community. Through highlighting topics such as the preservation and the protection of the living milieu; it will allow participants to engage in the reasonable and coherent use and the conservation of natural resources. This IPP is an opportunity for participants to learn about aspects of the environment in Africa and share the experience of their country and work alongside African local community. Participants will provide training and conduct workshops on the topic while organizing a permanent exhibition, accessible to those who are illiterate, within the city to show how to achieve and maintain a clean environment.

Participant profile

Successful participants for this IPP should be enthusiastic and energetic. They should be interested in working with youth about environment sustainability, in sharing new ideas as well as being open to new people. They also should enjoy working in a diverse environment, be open to sharing their experiences, able to plan and adapt activities, work with diverse people as well as different languages.

Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2014-003, Côte d'Ivoire.

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