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Inspiring change : understanding identity, breaking prejudices and community building

Where and when
Campinas, Brazil. 17 July to 03 August 2014

Theme description
In recent years, Brazil has experienced a time of great economic growth with increase of formal employment, rase on average family income and consumption, access to education, and also infant mortality, child labour and malnutrition rates decrease. Even though the country poverty level has falling, we still live in a very uneven society, where 75% of the wealth belongs to 10% of the population. One out of five children under 17 years old, lives in families without enough income to ensure their basic needs. Comparing to other age groups, the degree poverty and exclusion is much higher among children and adolescents. Living in families under vulnerability, many of these children are not reached by educational, health and social public policies. Children assisted by the partner organization live in areas of disorded occupation, with poor infrastructure and sanitation, high levels of violence and no options for leisure, sports or culture activities. This situation of exclusion ends up bringing up deep marks in the way they see themselves, their identity and their place in society.

Project description
Working alongside AAQQ, who aim to contribute to the social and educational development of kids and families under social vulnerability, IPPers will help implement social and educational activities to generate an improvement in the training of children and adolescents. Focusing on cross-cutting areas such as education, health, environment, culture and communication, participants will plan activities that contribute to the cultural exchange and emphasizing the kids background, as a strategy to increase their self-esteem. The project will discuss the ideas of youth empowerment and social change, especially for from low-income families and the challenges that comes with this status. Participants will discuss this theme relating to the local context as well as bringing experience from their own countries and lives and work with the local educator to improve the activities and projects already developed by the partner organization.

Participant profile
Participants interested in this project should be openminded, culturally sensitive and should be capable to communicate using non-verbal ways. They should be interested in connecting with children and adolescents; helping them expand their horizons, open their minds to the world and increase their self-esteem. Previous work, or volunteering experience, in developing communities and with people under social risk would be an asset to the IPP.

How to take part
Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2014-002, Brazil 
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