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Screening Identity: exploring identity, intercultural understanding and immigration.


Where and when

Oslo and Akershus, Norway. 17 June to 07 July to 29 July 2013

Theme and project

The focus of this project was young adults with different multicultural background based in Norway. Together with this group participants created short films about identity. The final ‘product’  reflected the cultures and personalities of both the participants and those in the local community. Everyone has an identity, and has a right to speak their minds as individuals. We wanted to base the project on intercultural understanding, and by focusing on differences it can be turned in to strengths for the project. While exploring the challenges of language barriers, censorship, freedom of speech, cultural differences and different ways of communicating, the practical film-project explored different sides of this and our theme, identity. We wanted both groups of participants to engage in the design of the practical project, and it resulted in an open film premiere at the end of the project.

Partner organization

This IPP worked with Skedsmo reception centre for immigrants. Alongside with residents from the asylum centre, the IPP had participants with different multicultural backgrounds. The partner organisation is working with integration and intercultural understanding. Who are we, and who do we become? How are we perceived, and how do we want to be perceived? What does different backgrounds do to our perception of identity, and what are our chances to speak out?

Participant profile

Participants included people with an interest for different types of medias, art, film and photo. Their most important characteristics were openness, creativity and curiosity.

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