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Reducing the Digital Divide: understanding how technology can have social impacts


Where and when

Padova, Italy. 14 July to 29 July 2013

Theme and project

This project focused on the reuse of hardware which in turn will help to narrow the digital divide within our society. Participants explored the themes of electronic waste and the reuse of hardware alongside the Partner Organisation, and understand how the availability of technology can have an impact on people’s lives. They had the opportunity to see the impact of the PO by visiting previous organisations that have benefitted from Faber Libertatis 's services and which are involved in social themes such as; alienation, marginalization and disability, or which are working in the integration of foreign citizens migrated to Italy.

Partner organization

The Association Faber Libertatis aims to promote Information Technology to people who are usually left aside because of economic, social, cultural or personal reasons, both in case of foreign and Italian citizens, both residing in Italy and abroad. It also aims to reutilize unused hardware available at very low costs and whilst promoting free software.

This helped to make people aware of the inequalities associated with IT and to contribute to their solution. The project included working on educational activities such as classes for public or private organizations. In addition to this we hosted information labs where old hardware was recovered and then assigned to associations or schools within Italy and abroad.

Participant profile

Participants were available to collaborate on manual activities and had an interest for modern technologies, although a specialized knowledge of Information Technology was not required.

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