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Brazil, Londrina


Where and when

Londrina, Brazil. 06 July to 28 July 2013

Theme and project

This IPP took place in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, where locals needed to be encouraged to take the responsibility for developing their area. In partnership with a local NGO, the project was divided into three areas: planning and running activities for 5-12 year old children; planning and running workshops on how to deal with photographic cameras;and working with people from local community to empower them to take an action during and, especially after the IPP.

Not only did participants help with progress of a community and the ones who live there, but they also had the opportunity to interact to develop their own attitudes, skills and knowledge. Overall, participants had the chance to explore and explore how communities can take charge of their own future.

Partner organization

The organisation that this IPP collaborated with Associação Mãos Estendidas – AME, is an NGO located within in the community that the IPP was focused upon. It is very well recognised within this neighbourhood, which means that there are around 180 children between 5-12 years old that attend their events, and also that the programmes offered by the NGO are embraced by the local people. The aim of AME is to develop the youth in both social and educational aspects, giving them the opportunity to seek for a higher quality of life quality through activities such as team building activities and sports.

Participant profile

Participants for this IPP needed to be motivated to join one of the three areas. They were interested in working with youth, sharing new ideas as well as being open to other people’s. The ability to plan and adapt activities was important, as was the ability to deal with diverse people as well as different languages. Participants needed to be open minded, communicative and truly believe in the empowerment of the community.

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