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Youth segregation in Gothenburg


Where and when

Gothenburg, Sweden. 08 July to 29 July 2012

Theme and project

The IPP focused on the causes and effects of youth segregation in Gothenburg. The participants identified the different types of segregation that occur in the city through visits to different organizations and their activities. They then were able to compare the types of segregation that occur, their causes and solutions, and compare it with what occurs in their own country. Participants also had the opportunity to plan and deliver activities inspired by their experience with the different organizations. The purpose of the IPP was to make a more inclusive society for youth in Gothenburg.

Together with the partner organization participants hosted a camp for youth and their parents during the summer. The purpose was to provide an activity, which can give people in Gothenburg the chance to enjoy their summer regardless of their culture, economical or socio-political situation. Participants also assisted in other activities to be able to compare and contrast which types of segregation occur in Gothenburg and how they are counteracted.

Partner organization

Stadsmissionen is an organization that has existed all over Sweden for over 50 years. They have one goal, which is to help people in need. They believe that people should always be treated with empathy and respect. In Gothenburg they have over 20 activities for people in need without regard to their age or situation.

Participant profile

Participants should be willing to engage in the life of youth, be creative, positive and engaged in the importance of integration. Personal experience with integration and segregation is an advantage but definitely not required. An interest and concern for youth integration in society is essential.

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