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Towards the future


Where and when

Japan, Ishino-maki. 10 August to 24 August 2012

Theme and project

This IPP took place in North-East Japan, which was affected severely by the earthquakes and tsunami on 11th of March 2011. The community is facing a number of challenges and many of these impact the children of the community. Within one city people are divided by those who hit by the tsunami and lost everything, and those who was not hit by tsunami, causing a gap between the groups, among adults and children. The project aimed to inspire a long-term program of activities in order to develop their initiative and leadership on recovery. Participants learned about the development process, current situation and problems of the area affected, especially for the children.
Participants helped run activities and run a camp for the children of the community who have been impacted by the tsunami with the aim of giving the children a space to play, learn and to encourage them to have stronger bonds within the community that in turn will bring life back to normal and help to build a positive future. 

Partner organization

Akebono Kodomo-kai, or Akebono Kids Club, helped recuit child participants from the local area.  

Participant profile

Participants needed to be interested in the healthy development of children in context of the re-development of disaster-hit community. Participants needed to be very sensitive in cultural difference, good in nonverbal language and open minded. The ability to speak Japanese was a bonus.

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