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Art from the underground


Where and when

Alexandria, Egypt. 27 December 2012 to 18 January 2013

Theme and project

Everyone is entitled to freedom of thought and expression and art is one way to exercise that right. Participants explored different means of expression, and their limitations. Ideas of censorship were tackled through researching the theme in the participants’ home countries. Moreover, the theme touched on notions of social responsibility, and how everyone can become agents of social change through their own areas of expertise and ways through which participants can pass this knowledge to those less privileged.

Participants worked alongside members of Gudran on transforming an area into an art hub.

Partner organization

Gudran Association for Art and Development is a group of artists, writers, photographers, film makers, dramatists and musicians who are driven by their belief in artists’ social responsibility. Gudran turn run-down, sometimes drug-driven areas in Alexandria into art hubs, spaces that can be used as exhibition rooms or concert venues. Gudran also holds music concerts and theatre performances around street cafes, involving a large number of the society in the artistic process, who might not have access to art otherwise.

Participant profile

Art enthusiasts of all backgrounds: artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, actors etc. Participants needed to be flexible and appreciate working outdoors and alongside construction workers.

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