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Why we evaluate

Educational evaluation is a quality assurance process, which allows us to ‘see how well we are doing what we aim to do’. For CISV’s educational programmes, this means finding out how successful we are in making our purpose – to educate and inspire action towards a more just and peaceful world – a reality for all our participants.

We view educational evaluation as a two part process:
  1. Monitoring: The collection of evidence during an educational programme or training
  2. Evaluation: Putting the evidence together to look for trends, patterns and results, so that informed judgements can be made.

CISV programmes follow a goals-based approach to programme planning and evaluation. Educational goals reflect the key attitudes, skills and knowledge that participants should develop, and our programmes and activities are designed to achieve these goals.

Educational evaluation helps us to identify good practice as well as weaknesses of our educational programmes and trainings. In this way, evaluation is at the heart of our effort to continuously improve the quality of our programmes and trainings.
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