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Evaluation tools

CISV is constantly developing its suite of evaluation tools to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of all our educational programmes and trainings.

Programme Evaluation

The Programme Director’s Planning and Evaluation Form (PDPEF) is our comprehensive programme evaluation tool. It is an online form that covers administration, education, practical arrangements and other aspects.

The PDPEF is for use by people with programme responsibility such as Programme Directors, staff, leaders, and National Interchange Coordinators.

Programme-specific PDPEF Packages can be accessed here; they include all of the explanations and forms you need to evaluate a CISV programme:

For commonly asked questions, see the PDPEF Frequently Asked Questions

Training Evaluation

Regional Training Forum Evaluation Form
The Regional Training Forum Evaluation form is a general evaluation tool for Regional Training Forums (RTFs). It is not specific to individual training goals and indicators.

TPEF – the Training Planning and Evaluation Form
The TPEF is used by trainers to evaluate trainer trainings (TTT). The TPEF assesses the extent to which trainees grasp the training content, and whether they are comfortable in training others in this content. The TPEF is modelled on the PDPEF but uses TTT-specific goals.  

Check-in sheets
Check-in sheets are to evaluate programme and organizational development trainings. The check-in sheets use specific training goals and indicators. They allow trainers to evaluate their trainings and are an optional tool. Trainers can also use their own evaluation techniques, but all training evaluations must be based on training goals and indicators. 

Evaluation tool for partner organizations
When working with partner organizations, we ask partners to evaluate these collaborations using this survey.

To learn more about evaluation and how to use the results, contact our evaluation team.

Evaluation training resources

  • Educational evaluation training session
  • Presentation on educational evaluation

See International Training to find out where the next Education and Evaluation training is being held.

What have we learned so far?

Our evaluation team produce annual PDPEF evaluation reports, which give a yearly picture of how well our programmes are reaching their goals. Read our programme-specific evaluation reports here.

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