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Village activities

  • Asset icon Labels (Village activity)Labels, an educational activity for the Village Programme which focuses on human rights and diversity.
  • Asset icon Rights in playRights in play, an educational activity for the Village programme which focuses on human rights.
  • World Trade World Trade (age 12-15)The activity aims to introduce the concept of world trade, and the 'north/south' challenges connected to this. Through the activity the inequality of natural resources and technology will be illustrated, and the role of the World Band and UN in trade and globalization will be shown.
  • The Mango Workshop The Mango Workshop (age 12-15)In this workshop participants reflect upon their own lifestyle, how their community affects them, and how they can have a positive contribution in their community. They should also be able to understand the problem of consumerism and the cycle of goods.
  • The End of the World The End of the World (age 12-15)In this activity the participants are challenged to reflect on how we are depending on different elements.
  • Cookies & Conflicts Cookies and Conflicts (age 11)In this activity, participants will have limited resources with which they are going to try to bake some cookies.
  • Making Drama out of Conflict Making Drama out of Conflict (age 11)Participants are to write down anonymously a conflict experience that they have had. In groups of 6, the participants (with props if available) are to act out a conflict situation.
  • Pass Your Feelings Pass Your Feelings (age 11)In group discussions participants generalize situations which can make people upset, lead to conflict or hostile situations and solutions for their resolution
  • Bullying Activity Bullying activity (age 11)Participants are to work in groups of six and brainstorm the reasons behind bullying in schools. Participants are to create leaflets which they would use to bring awareness to the problem of bullying.
  • Conflict Consequences Activity Conflict Consequences Activity (age 11)Participants are to reflect upon how they dealed with conflicts that have affected them recently.
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