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What you see is what you get

The goal of this activity is for participants to understand why and how we label people and what consequences it can have.

The facilitators will begin by attaching a piece of paper to each participant’s back. Each piece of paper will have a different symbol of different colours and sizes.

Participants are told that the group should work together to solve a puzzle and to divide the group into smaller groups based on the symbols they can see on the other participant’s backs. They are told to do this in silence.

Since participants cannot see their own paper, the rest of the group will decide which group they belong to. Some participants might want to divide people based on the color of their symbol, others will want to make the groups based on the size of the symbol. There are many different ways to divide the group and it is important that the participants chose how to do it themselves without any input from the facilitators. No indications of any kind should be given by the leader while participants are interacting.

When the participants have decided that they have completed the puzzle, have the group sit down for debriefing.
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