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Seeking Asylum in Another World

Jargon buster (30 minutes)
Get the young people to split up into smaller groups. Hand out envelopes of the Jargon Buster Sheet (see attached) cut up into individual boxes. Ask the groups to match up the words with the definitions. The first group to match up everything correctly wins. Discuss all definitions and words people still don’t understand.

Aslyum Seeker Wide Game (1 hour)
Hand out identity cards and an electric money card to each participant. (see attached ‘Identity Documents’) The identity cards will tell them the character they have to act out during the wide game and the electric money card will have their weekly allowance of money on it. Tell them that they are now seeking asylum in another world. [note: you can give this world a name relevant to the whole Summer Camp if you wish] The room should be divided into clearly marked different sections as described below, all manned by at least one leader. The participants must be lined up to be checked in at the home office before being allowed through to walk freely around the room, to go to the different sections.

(First Stop)
Home Office:
This will be the first section all participants attend, where they will have to complete a complicated form and test in a language that is completely made up. (see attached ‘Immigration Form’) The leader manning the home office desk must be mean to the participants, only speak in a made-up language and will only let some individuals through to the rest of the room. The rest he or she will send to the detention centres to be deported.

(Other Stops you can get to if you are not in the detention centre)

Language corner:
Have one leader give language lessons in the made-up language everyone is speaking that participants get involved in. Make sure the leader running this never stops speaking the made-up nguage and frequently gets frustrated at everyone for not understanding. la Shop and Healthcare: Have an open shop in one corner manned by a leader with lots of different items on the table. The leader only speaks this made-up language. Make sure only the worst items are affordable for the participants when their money cards are swiped.

General Housing Area:
A musty area of the room with a few chairs and cups for tea. The leader manning this area should stick up on the walls around ‘common myths about asylum seekers’ (see attatched) and keep on muttering them to all who come nearby in English. Welcome Centre: The only friendly place, where the leader speaks to you in English, the language the participants understand. There is a list of general rights written down that they will talk you through. (see attached) They will try to help and give advice on your situation.

(the detention centre – a place leaders can send participants of the workshop to at any time, for no particular reason)

Detention Centres:
As soon as the participants get here they get a card to tell them why they have gone to the detention centre, and what is going to happen to them in the future (see ‘Detention Centre Cards’ attached) Keep everyone separated from each other. No-one can talk. Let people roam around all the different places at their will experiencing the different parts of this role-play. When you think it is winding down to a close come out of character and get everyone back into a big circle.

Debrief (30 minutes)
Go round the circle and everyone has to say who they were in the game and one thing they found hard whilst they tried to be a part of this 'other' world. Then for extra questions to spark further interesting debate see below.
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