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Dramas of Difference

Introduction (20 minutes):
Participants are to work in groups of 4. Each group is to be given a sheet of images of difference [attached] to look at. Out of the three ways of viewing each image, which one do they agree with? If they do not agree
with any of the ways of seeing each image, how do they view what is depicted? How do they think people from their own culture view what is depicted in the image? Which one out of the three options do they think would fit in most with their culture’s view on the world? Is there one option
that fits in best with this or not? They should explain this to the other members of the group. Therefore each participant will get to hear three other cultural perspectives.

Drama Activity (30 minutes):
They are to work in their groups of six and come up with a two minute dramas/sketch. The sketch should show a clash between different cultures or a cultural misunderstanding; this could be on a local, national or international scale. How do these misunderstandings and cultural differences lead to conflict?

Performance (20 minutes):
The groups are to present their two mintute sketch to the rest of the participants.

Reflection (20 minutes):
Participants are to discuss the drama sketches that they have seen in their orignal groups of four. They are to brainstorm ideas for resolutions to these conflicts on a big piece of paper. They are to come up with as many ways of resolving these conflicts as they can. Were there any common
conflicts depicted? How would looking at the images in the introduction activity and remembering the differences between ways of looking at them help in the resolution of these conflicts?
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