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  1. At the beginning of the camp ask all participants to keep a diary of the events that occur during camp. They should record their feelings and thoughts about activities, events, people and incidents-good or bad.
    The diary is meant to help them reflect on what they learn from activities, and other participants and make connections between the knowledge and skills they develop.
  2. Based on their diary, the participants will be asked to make a presentation of what they feel have been important milestones in their camp life. The collage should be presented at the end of the camp, and should be reflective of each individual’s experience.
    Participants should have full creative range about what and how they present: it can be a done through a slideshow of pictures, acting, reading sections from their diary etc.
    The scope of this activity is for individuals to internalize all the knowledge and skills that they develop during the CISV camp, and to be able to share it with others. As each person’s experience during the activities and the camp will be different, the presentations will help everyone achieve a broader perspective regarding what it is that they have learned from the camp.
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