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CISV Photo Story

(5 Minutes) Giving the assignment:
Ask all participants to split into four groups. Make sure that at least one person in the group has a camera. Assign each group one of the CISV areas of educational peace content: Human Rights, Conflict and resolution, Diversity and Sustainable Development, and ask the group to make a photo story which is representative for their assigned area. The photostory should have a logical flow with an Introduction to a problem, or problems faced by communities in that area, the reason for the problem and a search for a plan to solve the problem/problems, the implementation of the plan, and the results as a conclusion. All of these things should be suggested through photos. The members of the team can act in still shots in the photos if they want to. They should arrange their photos/story in a logical sequence by using a computer, and making a slide show of the photos.

(1 day) Preparation time for the Photo story
(4X 10 minutes) Present and explain the photo story to everyone else.
(30 minutes) Discuss the problems and the solutions proposed by each team:
Are there common problems to all of the areas? Can you find a similar origin to these problems despite the fact that apparently they are linked to different areas? Are the solutions proposed interconnected?
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