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Interchange activities

  • Asset icon Human Rights come alive! (age 12-15)In the first step of Right On, we want to emphasize the Human in Human Rights and introduce different layers and aspects of the content area to all participants. Adjust this activity to your JB's needs! You can use this material however you want – Think the debrief questions are lame? Change them! Want to focus on only the 'Do' part of the activity and add the rest yourself ? Perfect. Nobody knows your JB's needs better than you do.
  • Asset icon Universal human rights (age 12-15)Participants discover that what we call 'universal' human rights may mean slightly different things to different people and cultures. They explore what the implications are for protecting human rights locally. They re-affirm the importance of seeking a universally shared set of basic rights and freedoms.
  • Interfaith Visits Interfaith Activity (age 12-15)The goal of this activity is to allow participants to experience other sources of spirituality and learn about other faiths through real life interaction with different religious places.
  • World Trade World Trade (age 12-15)The activity aims to introduce the concept of world trade, and the 'north/south' challenges connected to this. Through the activity the inequality of natural resources and technology will be illustrated, and the role of the World Band and UN in trade and globalization will be shown.
  • The Mango Workshop The Mango Workshop (age 12-15)In this workshop participants reflect upon their own lifestyle, how their community affects them, and how they can have a positive contribution in their community. They should also be able to understand the problem of consumerism and the cycle of goods.
  • The End of the World The End of the World (age 12-15)In this activity the participants are challenged to reflect on how we are depending on different elements.
  • Mango Alias Mango Alias (age 12-15)Fun social activity with sustainable development as the theme.
  • Mosango Domino Mosango Domino (age 12-15)Introduce and inspire creative definitions to the topic of sustainable development through a domino game.
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