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Divide participants into four groups, so that each group includes one person from each delegation. (5 min.)

Each group has the overall task to create the front page of a newspaper by selecting 5 pictures and writing headlines and short articles to go with the pictures.

Step by step instructions:
  1. Give the full set of 20 pictures to each group and give them enough time to look at all the pictures and think about them. (10 min.)

  2. Each group decides together which 5 pictures they will choose and then they create their front page (name of the Newspaper, name of the article...) (10 min.)

  3. Participants write an article for each picture they have chosen. Writing the text will encourage them to discuss in small groups and really engage with the human rights theme. (30 min.)

  4. Once all four front pages are finished, display them on the ground and allow the whole group to wander around and look at and read the front pages. (15 min.)

  5. Sit in a circle and start debriefing in the big group. (20 min.)
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