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  • Making Drama out of Conflict Making Drama out of Conflict (age 11)Participants are to write down anonymously a conflict experience that they have had. In groups of 6, the participants (with props if available) are to act out a conflict situation.
  • Pass Your Feelings Pass Your Feelings (age 11)In group discussions participants generalize situations which can make people upset, lead to conflict or hostile situations and solutions for their resolution
  • Bullying Activity Bullying activity (age 11)Participants are to work in groups of six and brainstorm the reasons behind bullying in schools. Participants are to create leaflets which they would use to bring awareness to the problem of bullying.
  • Conflict Consequences Activity Conflict Consequences Activity (age 11)Participants are to reflect upon how they dealed with conflicts that have affected them recently.
  • Human Rights Tree Human Rights Tree (age 11)Ask all participants to draw a tree: for branches, leaves and flowers they should write the fundamental Human Rights that they believe are necessary in each individual's life. The roots of the tree should represent the necessary factors in society which help achieve these rights.
  • Go Fish Go Fish (age 11)This activity deals with overexploitation of resources. The aim is to show how fragile our resources are, in this case fish. The activity also shows the impact human actions have on our surroundings.
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