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  • Millennium Development Goals Barometer Millennium Development Goals Barometer (age 14-15)Leaders are to ask the participants what they can remember about the Millennium Development Goals. Then they are asked which ones do they think would be showing more progress than others - followed by a personal reflection and a group work activity.
  • Millennium Development Goals Millennium Development Goals (age 14-15)Participants are asked what they know about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). After a quick discussion of this, leaders will give participants handouts with information about the MDGs on it. After they have had time to have a look at the handout, leaders are to ask the participants which goals immediately stand out to them as the most important or relevant ones. A discussion about this follows.
  • Quoting Resolution Quoting Resolution (age 14-15)Ask participants to give examples of differences that could lead to conflicts because of lack of integration and think of ways on how they can be integrated within a community, society, or culture.
  • Lights Camera Resolution Lights Camera Resolution (age 14-15)Participants are to work in groups of 4. Each group is given access to a (most likely disposeable) camera. It is the aim of each group to depict a common conflict at home, school or elsewhere through the taking of photos.
  • The Trouble with Diamonds The Trouble with Diamonds (age 14-15)Through a quiz, interviews and group discussion participants familiarise themselves with the topic of world trade and globalisation.
  • What you see is what you get What you see is what you get (age 14-15)The goal of this activity is for participants to understand why and how we label people and what consequences it can have.
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