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  • Problems in my Country Problems in my Country (age 14-15)In this activity the participants will 1) reflect on the situation in their own country, 2) gain knowledge on situations in other countries, and 3) reflect on how situations in other countries can be solved.
  • Seeking Asylum in another World Seeking Asylum in Another World (age 14-15)In this simulation game participants learn about asylum seekers and the difficulties they face.
  • Diary Diary (age 14-15)At the beginning of the camp ask all participants to keep a diary of the events that occur during camp. They should record their feelings and thoughts about activities, events, people and incidents-good or bad.
  • Human Rights Pictures Human Rights Pictures (age 14-15)In groups participants are asked to analyse and discuss pictures about human rights (violations).
  • Dramas of Difference Dramas of Difference (age14-15)In this activity participants learn about cultural differences, finding solutions to conflicts and seeing life in someone else's eyes.
  • The Chocolate Challenge Chocolate Activity (age 14-15)Teams will cycle round stations; each station will represent a stage in the chocolate production and distribution process. At each station they will have to complete an activity to gain points for their team, after every team has completed all stations there will be a team with the most points who will be declared the winners.
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