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  • Debating Sustainable Development Debating Sustainable Development (age 17-18)Participants are to hold speeches about sustainable development and afterwards engage in a discussion.
  • Music Video Activity Music Video Activity (age 17-18)Participants are to be split into debating teams. Three groups will be proposing that music videos glorify violence and promote gang violence, and therefore artists and record companies should be banned from bringing out these kinds of videos. The other three groups will be disagreeing with this motion. Each team will have fifteen minutes to discuss and come up with reasons that they could use to justify their point of view. It may be difficult to come up with ideas on the topic if participants have been a
  • Truths and Lies Truths and Lies (age 17-18)Ask participants to pick out (of the whole 10 facts list handed out at the end of the activity) the fact about a world issue that impacted them the most and write a very shot justification of why they believed it was true or false, and what they believe are the underlying causes for that issue. What factors they think are promoting the issue?
  • Debating Microfinance Debating Microfinance (age 17-18)Participants are asked if they know anything about microfinance. Two groups are to take a positive and the other two groups will take a negative view of microfinance. In a debate, each side has ten minutes to justify their assigned view on microfinance as a tool for escaping poverty.
  • Baranga Baranga (age 17-18)The goal of this activity is to expose participants to a situation where cultural norms change and participants are required to practice reacting and adapting.
  • Climate Role Play Climate Role-play (age 17-18)This is a role-play so through the activity the participants will represent a different country, and present their points of view. In the discussion they will get to compare their experiences from the activity with those from their home life, and get to compare those of the participants from other countries.
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