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  • Asset icon Front page (age 14-15)Divide participants into four groups, so that each group includes one person from each delegation. (5 min.) Each group has the overall task to create the front page of a newspaper by selecting 5 pictures and writing headlines and short articles to go with the pictures.
  • Asset icon Looking back (age 12-19+)Participants can outline the meaning of the Declaration of Human Rights and can give examples to demonstrate that Human Rights as we know them today are the result of a process of years and years.
  • Asset icon Stand up for equal rights (age 11)Down to Earth Village- coming “Down to Earth” not only has to do with environment, sustainable living and development, but encompasses a humble “down to earth attitude” where no one is perfect, but can learn from each other. Care for others around the world, being kind, trustworthy, and genuine – this makes you down to earth. When human rights are being violated, you can stand up for them in a peaceful, non-violent way. You can create change. This activity incorporates education about ways human rights are
  • CISV Photo Story CISV Photo Story (age 14-15)Assign each group one of the CISV areas of educational peace content: Human Rights, Conflict and resolution, Diversity and Sustainable Development, and ask the group to make a photo story which is representative for their assigned area.
  • In the deep forest of DR Congo In the deep forest of DR Congo (age 17-18)Participants will gain experience in adapting and representing someone else's views. This activity raises awareness of how deforestation affects us all and provides skills for solving conflicts.
  • I am a Car I am a Car (age 17-18)Participants are to share experiences from home life about how our individual choices have an impact on the environment. Participants then will reflect on ways to use more sustainable solutions in their everyday life.
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