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Brand review

Last year we agreed our mission statement:

CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world

and our 15 year vision:

By 2030 we will be well-known for creating educational experiences that reach at least twice as many people as we do today(2015). We will stand together to lead, act and inspire change in our communities to help build a more just and peaceful world.

We also asked a few questions about our tagline and values.

Now we are just going to check in more detail with everyone on our values and tagline: do they reflect who we are; do they reflect how we want to think about ourselves - and be thought about by others - over the next 15 years? .

Together our mission, vision, values and tagline should guide the way we look and talk about ourselves – on websites, social media, publications, videos, in photographs, and in promotional campaigns, presentations, or informal chats.

NEW: August 2016

Summary of the final report from 
Constituent Research on the Tagline and Values Survey conducted 2016

This survey was conducted in order to assess CISV members’ satisfaction with the current tagline and values, and whether there might be room for possible improvements.

Overall, there were 476 responses, including 48 NAs/PAs and 93 Chapters.

Satisfaction is high: 60% of members are very satisfied or extremely satisfied with the current tagline “building global friendship.” Only 6% are not at all satisfied.

Most agree that the tagline aligns with their own CISV experience (70%) as well as the experience they want to offer to new people (56%).

Fewer than one-third (30%) say they would like to see any changes to the tagline. 39% said no, and 31% are not sure.

Overall, while some CISV members suggest improvements to the CISV values and tagline, there do not seem to be any strong areas of disagreement or dissatisfaction, nor are there strong mandates to change—or drastically change—the branding work from 2006.

In light of the results of the survey, the Governing Board has decided that no further consultation will be held at this time on the tagline and that it will be retained.

The consideration of how we express our Values and what they mean to the way we work and behave as an organization will continue next year.

Work has just begun on looking at options for the way we use our logo and tagline. Options will come to Members for full discussion and approval.


10 years ago, with full consultation and the help of professionals, CISV undertook a full assessment of our brand and adopted an updated logo along with a tagline.  A set of values was identified and a clear set of branding guidelines was produced. 

In the following years, a great deal of work was done to review and update our educational principles, content areas and the way we talk about our educational approach. 

In 2010, at the AIM in Berlin, a motion was passed to “propose we realign our brand and current tagline to the image that is portrayed in the revised educational content.... The potential new taglines will be voted upon and the implementation will take place in 2013. Current tagline will be considered in the process.”

In light of the focus on the Organizational Review, work on this process was postponed and was ultimately referred to the Governing Board.  This is why we are now returning to consult with you.

You can also check out the Brand Review Presentation.

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