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Running a Junior Branch

Basic documents of Junior Branch

  • O-15: Our governing document that explain our goals and how we organise ourselves.
  • O15(A): The governing document that explains the nomination and elections procedures of the International Junior Representatives.
  • JB Goals & Essentials: This document explains and defines the goals that JBers work towards, and the essential characteristics of Junior Branch.  
  • JB Intro: A short introduction to the key ideas and structures of Junior Branch, good for newcomers.
  • JB Guide: A long collection of all ideas and resources within Junior Branch, in one place, for reference.
  • Welcome Packs: Packs for NJRs, Regional Teams, IJB Teams to find out more about their role within International Junior Branch.
  • Training Curriculum
  • CPR document: A combination of best practices from strong JB's alongside a guideline of activities/ideas/actions that can (re)start JB's who are starting off or who have problems knowing what to do.

To find any other Junior Branch related document please visit the JB Library. Username: ijb.guest


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