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Junior Branch Review

We have had some questions about when any draft proposals will be published and distributed for feedback. This will be in early 2017, after we have delivered them to the Governing Board and they have approved them for publication.

For now, please see our latest minutes below and also the JB Review Process presentation we shared at the Regional Meetings, which gives our timeline (and what you can expect to hear from us and when) for the rest of 2016.

At any time, if you have any questions, comments or concerns - please email us! We will always get back to you. If we get a number of similar questions, we can set up a Frequently Asked Questions.

JB Review Team 

Summary of findings (from Regional Meetings 2016) 

Minutes 09 September 2016

Minutes 12 August 2016

Minutes 05 July 2016

Minutes 14 June 2016

Minutes 07 May 2016 

Minutes 09 April 2016 

Minutes 29 February 2016

Minutes 31 January 2016 

At the Annual International Meeting in 2013, the outgoing International Board approved a comprehensive review of Junior Branch. The review is to be carried out in consultation with the Junior Branch, National Associations and Chapters to consider how Junior Branch might be more fully integrated with the rest of CISV.


Junior Branch Review Team

Our Junior Branch Review Team for 2015-17 is:

David Kruse-Pickler - Chair (Governing Board)

Gustavo Cuellar (Governing Board)

Denise Farrar - Senior Manager (International Office)

Emily Colfer (CISV USA, Intern)

Gaspard Simon - IJR (CISV France)

Flora Simon Gurgel  - IJR (CISV Brazil)

Alia E. Mazny (CISV Egypt)

Andrea Brockman (CISV USA)

Gonzalo Leon Robles (CISV Mexico)

Kristina Moshuus (CISV Norway)

Theo Giesen (CISV Canada)

The Governing Board approved a mandate for the continuing work on the Junior Branch Review, to guide the new Review Team that will start work in October 2015.

JB Review Mandate (October 2015-May 2017)

Update 29 May 2015

Dear CISVers

The Junior Branch Review Team would like to thank everyone for their comments and input on the discussion paper concerning the Junior Branch Review over the past months. We are happy to see that the paper has sparked discussion around the issue of youth participation in all parts of CISV. The fact that many CISV volunteers have given us their thoughts, both in-person and online, gives us great confidence that CISV will find sound solutions on the topics raised.

We want to restate that the document published as the “Junior Branch Review Report for discussion at Regional Meetings” in March 2015 is not a “motion”, meaning that it is not up for a vote of any sort. As a discussion paper, the goal of the document was to bring the debate on youth participation to the forefront of CISV’s current considerations and plans at all levels. We hope the paper was a good starting point for this process, which will continue over the upcoming months as well as at the Global Conference this August.

Over the past months, it was our intention to continue to foster a culture of consultation and inclusivity on deciding the way in which our organization functions. We aim to keep increasing the ways in which CISVers can discuss their thoughts on the topic of youth participation in the organization in the context of the Review. To that end, we will be offering channels such as open online calls and another survey in the upcoming months.

The Review Team is strongly committed to ensure that we consider all the ways in which Junior Branch could be more integrated across CISV, while keeping the things it currently does best. We thank you for the continued support we have received on what has been an extremely interesting, emotional and challenging piece of work. We are all part of CISV and want to develop youth participation in a way that celebrates and  builds upon the achievements of Junior Branch. We will continue to work diligently on behalf of the organization.

If you would like to share further comments, feedback or thoughts on the process, or simply get involved in a discussion about youth involvement in CISV, feel free to contact the Junior Branch Review Team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Anjo, Bjørn, Hana, Chrissy, David, Quinn, Hannes, Marcos

Junior  Branch Review Team

The Junior Branch Review Team is made up of current and past JBers and people with relevant skills and expertise to bring to the review process. 

Anjo Peez- Zvetina

Hana Strickland

Quinn Porter

Hannes Podzun

Marcos Tourinho

Chrissy Fischer

Bjørn Andersen Samming

David Suggett

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