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International Executive Committee

The International Executive Committee upholds CISV’s vision, mission and values and ensures that they are reflected in the day-to-day management and operations of the organization. Together with the Secretary General, they are responsible for the management and administration of CISV International on both an operational and strategic level.

Elected at the Annual International Meeting in 2010, the current CISV International Executive Committee members are:

International Executive Committee
From right to left, Pilar Villanueva, Basma Hosny, Brett Vottero, Chris Pollock, Laura Green.
President, Brett Vottero 

Brett is a lawyer in Massachusetts, USA. He has practised for over 25 years, primarily as a criminal prosecutor. He started his CISV career as an 11-year-old delegate to a Village and participated in many other activities. He has been involved in his Chapters, his National Association and, internationally, has worked on constitutional developments, served as risk manager, and spearheaded the establishment of our captive insurance company CISV International Insurance Company in order to provide effectively for our insurance needs in the coming decades.

Vice-President, Chris Pollock 

Chris is a Canadian doctor, currently located in Vancouver and completing his specialty training in Ophthalmology.  Like Brett, Chris also participated in a CISV Village at age 11 and went on to other programmes and several roles within CISV Canada. He served on the International Finance Committee, which he chaired from 2004 to 2009.

Executive Trustee, Basma Hosny 

Basma is from Cairo, Egypt and has studied mass communication, psychology and education management. Currently, she works as Career Advisor at a University. Another Village participant, Basma took part in many programmes as a delegate and volunteer. She was instrumental in setting up a Junior Branch in Egypt and later served on the International Summer Camp Committee, chairing it from 2007 to 2010.

Executive Trustee, Laura Green

Laura is a teacher from Sheffield, UK, with a degree in design and art direction and an interest in NGO marketing. Laura  also started out in CISV as a Village participant and went on to participate and organize other programmes and training workshops. She has been very active with CISV Great Britain, serving as International Trustee, and has served on several International Committees and taskforces, most recently reviewing our fee structures and international meeting practices.

Executive Trustee Pilar Villanueva 

Pilar is an entrepreneur from Manila, in the Philippines. She is now working from home and focusing on family.  As with all her Executive colleagues, Pilar took part in a Village as an 11-year-old. She eventually took a break from CISV, but returned in 1986 and hasn’t looked back. She has been involved in her Chapter, in her National Association and internationally, particularly in supporting the growth and development of CISV Chapters in Asia-Pacific.

Secretary General Gabrielle Mandell
Secretary General, Gabrielle Mandell

Gabrielle Mandell was appointed Secretary General in 2000. From Toronto, Canada, Gabrielle is a lawyer with an academic background in history and languages.  Most of her career has been spent in the not-for-profit sector and has included public legal education, school peer mediation programmes, social action and interfaith initiatives. 

Honorary Counsellors

Honorary Counsellors are individuals with significant experience in the administration of CISV International who have decided to reduce their level of active participation in the work of CISV International. They are elected by the CISV International Board to recognise their distinguished service to CISV International and so that their expertise and global perspective can be shared for the benefit of CISV.

Once elected, they are non-voting members of the Board and may be asked to take on a variety of advisory roles.

Current Honorary Counsellors

Raymond Shrader, CISV USA

Catherine Knoop, CISV USA

Arne Lankoff, CISV Germany

Ruth Lund, CISV Denmark

Gunvor Nordlund, CISV Sweden

Hinrich Fock,CISV Sweden

Nati Toribio, CISV Philippines

Jim Beaumont, CISV Great Britain

David Lister, CISV Great Britain

Peter McKay, CISV Great Britain

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